We are certified accountants and workers in the accounting and finance sector. 

We were founded in 2008 in Gevgelija, meaning that we are available for you and your needs for 12 years.

We offer a professional approach, effectiveness, efficiency, promptness and take complete care of the legal and proper operation of our clients.

Our mission is to keep up to date with the legal changes and inform our clients on time about the changes and their impact on their daily work basis.

The client is the most important visitor in our place. He does not depend on us, but we depend on him, because he does not interrupt our work, he is actually the goal of our work.

Always on time and with accurate updates, we are ready to serve all those who choose us.

Your success is our priority. 
Our knowledge will be available for you including our skills and expertise any time! 
We review each of your events in detail and leave no room for unfinished business. 
Let our professional services contribute to creating your success!
We guarantee you timely updating and harmonization of all financial results with the existing tax system. 
We are here to improve every company financial and accounting situation and achieve its maximum from a financial point of view.
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