- We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in accounting. With numerous clients starting from large-sized, medium-sized companies and small ones. We are your right choice for managing your finances and accounting services.

-We are ready to offer you our experience and expertise in the field of accounting management, in order to fulfill all your legal responsibilities and obligations.

-We guarantee you timely updating and harmonization of all financial results with the existing tax system. 

CONSALTING- HRISMI has a license for accounting services issued by the Institute of Accountants and Certified Accountants of the Republic of Macedonia.


Accounting is the art of forming communicative financial information for the company and intended for the needs of users, such as founders, shareholders and managers. 

In general, communication is achieved through financial statements, which expressed in monetary terms is presenting the economic conditions and achievements that are the result of the operation and management of the company. 

The art consists in selecting information which needs to be valid, true and correct. 

Accounting is a branch of mathematical sciences, used in discovering the reasons for success or failure in business.

Accounting is called today the "language of business" because it is the base for preparing financial statements for companies designed for different needs of the client.